General Physician Fees

You must have a valid Medicare number to obtain rebate benefits. Once the payment has been made for your appointment, test or procedure you will receive a lodgement form and a EFT receipt. Our staff lodge your claim with medicare electronically meaning you will receive your rebate within 24-48 hours into the account registered with Medicare.
Patients with valid Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card you are eligible for a discounted rate. Patients with valid DVA cards are funded with no gap.

Fee structure for General Physician Services

*** All telehealth consultations attract the same fee structure of “new”  or “review” as described on our website (see below), due to the Admin costs and time involved.

*** These are the updated General Physician service fees as of 1st of July 2023.

Item numberTotal feeMedicare RebateGapConcession FeeGap
New Complex132$469.95$249.40$220.55$406.95$157.55
Review Complex133$252.65$124.90$127.75$238.65$113.75