Endocrinology Service Fees

You must have a valid Medicare number to obtain rebate benefits. Once the payment has been made for your appointment, test or procedure you will receive a lodgement form and a EFT receipt. Our staff lodge your claim with medicare electronically meaning you will receive your rebate within 24-48 hours into the account registered with Medicare.
Patients with valid Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card you are eligible for a discounted rate. Patients with valid DVA Gold cards are funded with no gap.

Fees updated July 1st 2023.

Fee structure for Endocrinology Services

For Dr Brigette Clarke and Dr Jessica Lee:

***All telehealth consultations attract the same fee structure of “new”  or “review” as described on our website (see below), due to the Admin costs and time involved.

*** These are the updated Endocrinology service fees as of 1st of July 2023.

Item numberTotal feeMedicare RebateGapConcession FeeGap
New Complex132$469.95$249.40$220.55$406.95$157.55
Review Complex133$252.65$124.90$127.75$238.65$113.75

For Dr Ana McCarthy: 

Item NumberPrivate Fee Medicare RebateGapConcession FeeGap
New Patient110$347.45$142.60$204.85$290.45$147.85
New Complex Patient132$469.95$249.40$220.55$406.95$157.55
Review Complex133$252.65$124.90$127.75$238.65$113.75